The Provision of the IHAC

 International Higher Academic Council (IHAC) as an Association of world scientists have received the State registration of the Ministry of Justice(General Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in St.-Petersburg 01.07.2015, State State Registration number 1157800003173, St. Petersburg Accession number 7814060552).

 IHAC is the only successor of the Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council(IHAC), which existed from 12.11.2007 to 01.07.2015 G., with all its accreditation rights and benefits.

 International Higher Academic Council(IHAC) carries out its multifunctional activities in cooperation with the International University of Fundamental Studies(IUFS) and represents the first and unique complexe, qualifying research institution, working constantly, and polyfunctional by its goals and objectives. IHAC has athe international accreditation. IHAC deals with the important problems in terms of international relations (theoretical and practical), having an interstate significance. The IHAC consists of scientists of international authrity. The IHAC is preparing the international scientific and managerial personnel of a high-level, unique specialists and professionals in various fields of science and significant research activities. Such speialist as those who are preparing them are of world scientific value.

 IHAC has a multilevel system-organizational structure:

 1. Presidium of IHAC(headed by President)

 2. Joint Academic Council(mutually with IUFS)

 3. Specialized Academic Councils

 4. Advisory Council(by agreement);

 5. The group of scientific supervisors and scientific advisors(by agreement);

 6. The Secretariat of different levels

 7. IUFSPRESS Center (Publication scientific & cultural journals,,,

 Academic Councils at all levels and groups of scientific supervisors and scientific advisors include both local and foreign scientists.

 IHAC carries out preliminary work with candidates from different countries on the international academic degrees(bachelor, master, doctor, Grand-doctor) for the preparation of candidates of his thesis defense at the meeting of IHAC, organizes the entire process of defense and assigns academic degrees and academic ranks for special merits(Professor, full Professor). All applicants of any International degree must have higher education.

  IHAC presents such requirements to the applicants:

 Bachelor - a real manifestation of abilities to research activities.

 Master - an independent research of any scientific problem.

 Doctor - theoretical and practical solution of an important scientific problem.

 Grand-doctor-proposal and rationale of a new direction in a particular science, both theoretically and practically significant.

 PhD has the right to claim for the degree of doctor of philosophy in particular science and scientifically important activities, doctor of science -to the degree of Grand doctor of philosophy in particular science and scientific-significant activities.

 In International Diplomas of dissertation of any academic degree issued by the IHAC, in accordance with historically long international tradition, is “Philosophy”(bachelor, master, doctor, Grand-doctor of philosophy in specific area of science and research and the scientific-significant activities) that emphasizes the essential novelty of the proposed by the defenders of thesis. The dissertations any level represented and defended in the IHAC should be both theoretically and practically significant.

 IHAC has the right to award the International scientific titles of Professor and full Professor. Degrees and titles awarded by the IHAC are recognised in more than 150 countries around the world.

 IHAC awards International Scientific degrees of doctors and Grand doctors of philosophy tj the prominent social, political, cultural and public persons who have made significant contributions to the development of world science and culture, strengthening the security and peace on our planet.

 International Higher Attestation Commission(IHACM) structurally and functionally is a part of IHAC, as the IHAC provides defence of thesis and simultaneously issues the appropriate international certificates.

 The IHAC rules the special scientific laboratories and special research centers according to its creation.

 The IHAC has the right to perform independently and offer various academic programs(with regard of the practical value of the real cost )to the customers interested in such programs (universities, research institutions, etc.) In case of its acceptance and approval to coordinate the actual implementation and subsequent appliance of the programs .



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In association with  the International University of Fundamental  Studies ( IUFS )  and the International  Higher Academic  Council ( IHAC), the Ararat International  Academy of  Scientists (AIAS) of France is Organizing its 7th World Scientific Congress at the U.N.O. Headquarters in Geneva  on   the  5th and 6th of  September  2016.

Prof. Santhi P. Jayasekara, the  Chancellor of the IUFS University  and The President of International Higher Academic Council  has been appointed as the Co-President of this Scientific  Congress and will  be the Chairman of the Congress for the 2nd day as well.

The  Scientific Congress  is to be attended by the Director General  of UN, VIPs from UNESCO, Scientists, Academicians  and  Professors of International State Universities from Russia, USA ,Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia,  etc and many other countries.

Hon Dr. Rajitha Senaratne , Minister of  Health & Indigenous Medicine from  Sri Lanka  is to be attended as the Chief Guest  for this occasion along with other  Ministers, Scientists and  VIPs representing Sri Lanka.

Prof.J.S.K.Jayasekara, Vice-chancellor of IUFS University will be heading the delegation from Sri Lanka, which is to be gracing the occasion.

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